Fruit sculptures home base millions business

Fruit sculptures home base millions business

I went to a small shop at Beijing Railway Station to buy some travel accessories.

In the prominent place of the shop there were many statues of the same green Buddha. A little consideration revealed that these are pears.

Which have been grown in the form of Buddha. It was a brand new experience.

When asked about the price, he said seven yuan, that is, about one and a half hundred Pakistani rupees. Bought immediately.

After some time, I calculated that I had bought a pear worth Rs 100 per kg for Rs 7.5 per kg.

Because this causation somehow weighs two grams. Was not more than.

That’s about five years old.

Now there are strawberries, cucumbers, watermelons, pumpkins, apples and many other fruits in various animal, flower and geometric shapes and even in human forms.

Not long ago, the pumpkin in the form of former US President Trump became very popular.

Our farmers can also do such experiments to increase their source of income.

Because imagine how stubborn the children will be when they see different cartoon-shaped apples and guavas.

This kind of toy is also very good for children to play as long as they want. When eaten full of g.

Polycarbonate plastic molds are used to mold the fruit into different shapes.

This polycarbonate is the same plastic from which transparent electricity meters are made.

The mold, which is made in two parts, is tightened by placing it on small fruits.

As the fruit grows, it becomes moldy.

Even the whole mold is taken off when filled.

This method has been used in previous years only for making sculptures and artificial shapes.

But now the idea of ridding the world of plastic is gaining momentum among sensible people.

Glass cups and jugs for drinking water and beverages are also being made in this way. As shown in the pictures.

Small pumpkins are placed in a glass mold.

As soon as the mold is filled, it is opened and a glass-shaped pumpkin is taken out.

It is cut and emptied and then dried. Such natural glass and utensils can be sold at high prices in the land of whites.

Estimate that if many farmers start growing such different types of vegetables and fruits, not only will their profits increase, but many people will also find employment in making molds.

It is as if a little out of the ordinary thinking and acting can create many new income opportunities.

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